emma! (emobopeep) wrote in ilovethehsc,

Welcome to ilovethehsc. All posts are friends-only, please join to read.
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i am so amused :D

ooh, i think you should have a request section right at the top - just for random things and questions/directions/random friendings for people who want to use the site ...
Thank youuuu! I'll do that now.
*goes to watch*
I made you a maintainer.
i know ^^

i hope i don't have to do much ... apart from posting my stuff that is (i'm so lazy :D)
Well... I would have made whoever was first to comment one =D It just means you can edit stuff like the userinfo. Which needs an overhaul. I'll probably do it on the weekend. Also thank you so v v much for the Tenzin Palmo stuff =3
no prob!

... i was on my way to the comm ... but i am currently sidetracked by an SPN picspam that trystan830 compiled - very hot! ^^
I'm live in sydney and i'm currently doing HSC, i was just wondering why i was rejected...
At the moment, I'm just running this community for my friends, since we all do the same subjects. It's not really off the ground yet, I probably won't make it public until next year, when I have more time to moderate. It's nothing personal :)